The Centre For Conflict Management

Dispute resolution; the non-adversarial way, through promotion of mediation, negotiation, effective communication & a dialogue, (with a focus on stalemate situations)


Missing Bridge, as a Centre for Conflict Management stands as a beacon of hope in a world often marred by discord and strife. Rooted in the belief that conflicts can be transformed into opportunities for growth, this centre serves as a hub for knowledge, training, and innovative approaches to conflict resolution

Bridging the gap between hearts and minds. We are a movement that fills the voids in understanding and emotions. We strive to connect the unconnected, express the unexpressed, and make sense of the said and unsaid by filtering out the misunderstood. We are here to build bridges where they are missing between understanding and/or emotions.

Our attempt is to promote the process of peaceful solutions by nurturing constructive dialogues. We believe in the power of communication and negotiation to transform business and interpersonal interactions and relationships.

As a distinguished Center for Conflict Management, we are committed to guiding & assisting in delivering comprehensive, tailor-made dispute resolution systems/solutions that cater to the distinctive needs of Parties in Disputes. Our focus remains on MSMEs / Start Ups, and a wide array of stakeholders as we help them tackle the Commercial and Business Disputes and also those in the realm of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). A dedicated vertical takes care of domains of Insolvency & Real Estate

A world where dialogue triumphs over violence, where empathy bridges divides, and where conflict becomes a catalyst for positive change.

To foster sustainable peace by equipping individuals, communities, and organizations with the tools and understanding needed to manage conflicts effectively.



Why Us

We all live in a fast-paced lane today. There is inter-dependency like never before. Too many variables and parallel forces, hence decision making has become difficult and confusing. With stakes high and patience low, the unwanted haste in decision making or getting into agreements can and is leading to problems unprecedented. Differences and conflicts arising out of interpretations, external environment, absence of relevant clauses further add to the tension and all this can lead to a soured business relationship affecting present and future, threatening the relationships and the entire eco-system. The said scenarios have led to dilution and at times breaking of the communication channels and the pressure all around can guide us to the nearest legal remedy. Conditioning of minds takes us to litigation at the drop of a hat, as we end up saying, we will see you in court

Courts are under pressure on infrastructure and the regular influx of cases by the day. With the kind of pendency of cases, which is unparallel, it is difficult to expect a timely justice leading to uncertainty, the debate as to whether most of us seek a solution or justice, notwithstanding.

In the current scenario, the basic ask and need is to get an optimal solution to the problem at hand and move on in life, with relationships preserved and our business as usual, shedding the baggage of past and avoiding the uncertainty of the legal system.

Hence, the need of a platform, the need of conflict managers, who can assist you, be with you, and give you a fresh perspective, show you the other side of the story, handhold you with an effective communication tools or proven negotiation strategies, and lastly, be the required mediators/neutral between the two sides to explore the amicable answers, with creative thinking and out of the box solutions, all within the four corners of law.

Experts at Missing Bridge, delve into the intricacies of conflict dynamics through rigorous research, uncovering patterns, identifying root causes, and proposing evidence-based solutions. Our experts facilitate dialogues, negotiations, and peacebuilding processes suiting the context. When tensions escalate, our skilled experts step in.

We Believe: To err is human, to forgive divine but a stitch in time saves nine

We are: All about Solutions & Resolutions

Basic premise: Let’s TALK

Our Objective: Helping you discover “the other side”

Take away assured: Be “Better Off”